The first session will be an assessment session, where you and your Therapist will decide if you feel you can work together.  Should this be agreed, your Therapist will commence therapy with an open-time contract which means that wherever possible you will both commit to on-going therapy until you feel the work is complete.  The initial assessment will include a full history take and the treatment plan, duration and frequency of ongoing sessions will also be discussed and agreed.

As a guide, the Practice fees are:-

Initial assessment – £50 to £70 (60/90 minutes session time depending upon presenting issues). This will be discussed and agreed at the time of enquiry.

Further Appointments – £50 per session (up to 60 minutes)

Extended Appointments – £70 per session (90 minutes)

Extended sessions are advisable for clients who wish to work with hypnotherapy.

Couple’s Counselling – £75 for initial assessment  (90 minutes).  Thereafter therapy sessions will be £50 or £70 depending upon the duration of the session (to be agreed at the assessment).

Double Sessions (2 hours) are available for clients who want to cover a number of issues and get more done in a shorter space of time. Also couples find double sessions helpful because they provide good space for both parties to discuss their views and get to solving problems more quickly. The cost for a double session is £90.

Quit Smoking – £175 for a one-off 3 hour session and a free booster session if required.