John, Braintree
Quit Smoking

An update for you. Four weeks today – no cigarettes. Even went to Paris and had a boozy night with the French team who all smoke like chimneys and I thought they all looked ridiculous puffing away. Even held a lit cigarette for a colleague looking for their car keys and not so much as a puff. You are a legend.

6 months later …

Just a short note to let you know that I’m coming up to half a year without the cigarettes and still going strong. More importantly I achieved phase one of the promise I made to you back in April, completing the Bournemouth Marathon on Sunday in a leg-busting five hours and seventeen minutes. Thanks so much for that session, it has changed my life, I would never have considered doing another marathon without you and your therapy.

Simone, Witham
Fear of Blood, Hospitals, Needles

I just wanted to say a big thank you again Jula, you truly are a miracle lady!!
I enjoyed chatting to you and will miss our sessions however this must be a good thing that I am not booked in for next week! I feel so much better and want to test myself more and more, you have made such a difference to my life.

Anonymous, Braintree

Just a note to say thanks for my sessions. I had a great time skiing, I was actually the only one in the group not to fall over at all! I had a few wobbles, mentally, and I just repeated my mantra to myself, “I am a confident, competent skier!”. Fingers crossed for a successful trip next year too!

Ruth, Great Notley
Virtual Gastric Band

I have always been overweight and have tried every diet going to try to lose the weight and be ‘normal’. Although I lost weight with the diets I tried over the years, I never felt that I was in control of food and how I used it. Many years ago I tried hypnotherapy and was successful at losing 3 stone and becoming my ideal weight. However, although this therapy helped me to lose the weight it did not help me to stop putting the weight back on and more. In the summer of 2012 I had reached rock bottom, I was so depressed about my weight and my behaviour around food. I was ashamed of my behaviour. Luckily for me I found Jula!!!!

I embarked on the virtual gastric band therapy and never looked back. The main difference between Jula’s therapy and all the other weight loss programmes I have undertaken was that Jula was interested in WHY I used food in the way I did and she also understood. With Jula’s help I now understand my previous behaviours and how to stop these behaviours from hindering my progress. To date I have lost over five stone and am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my adult life! Thanks so much Jula. xx

Anonymous, Braintree
Emetophobia (Fear of Vomiting)

We had the most wonderful time! I don’t think I could have been as relaxed as I was without the treatment, so I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help! Although I feel really great at the moment, if I ever start to feel anxiety from my fear again or if I have any other moments when I feel I could use a talk and some relaxation from something I will be in touch.

Tracey, Braintree
Fear of Flying

Just a little note to say a really big thank you for everything. You listened, you understood, you didn’t judge, you gave me strategies to help me cope but most of all you got rid of my fears for good. I flew to Crete completely fear-free and we have just booked to go away again soon and I can’t wait. The world is my oyster now as I really can fly free of all those past worries and anxieties – thank you Jula.

Diane, Braintree
Fear of Heights

Just wanted to let you know that I am now back from New York and I had a really great time. What an experience and I can’t thank you enough. There were lifts at the airport… no problem! I even went to the toilet on the plane! When we got to the hotel they asked if we were ok with heights….. we were on the 45th floor!! I got in the lift as if it was nothing, it took about 30 seconds to get up there and it did make our heads go a bit funny…. but I did it no problem! I am sleeping much better too, as I now don’t have to worry about the “what happens if…?”

Dave, Great Yeldham

I thought I should give you an update to my sleep situation…….

I have spent the last nine nights in my own bed! I have on occasions woken up, but due to the coping strategies learned from you I have gone back to sleep again, usually within a few minutes. Now I can’t say with certainty that hypnotherapy is the cause of this life-changing improvement………. but it does seem a remarkable coincidence if it isn’t because in 30+ years I’ve rarely managed that!!

It sounds corny Jula, but I do literally feel like a new man; I wake feeling positive, I almost even look forward to going to work! I make better, quicker decisions, I bark at the kids less and even my customers say how well I’m looking! And perhaps most importantly of all, I no longer dread going to bed.

So I write to thank you Jula, for helping me understand the mechanics of what was going on in my head during the ‘going’ to sleep’ process and for finding and dealing with what I now absolutely believe was the root cause of my problem. Thanks again for all your help.