Relationship Counselling

Relationship and Couple’s Counselling

Relationship and couple’s counselling works with the problems arising from intimate or sexual relationships.  It is different to individual therapy in that the ‘relationship’, rather than each individual person, is the ‘client’.

Marriage/co-habitation/civil partnership is based on intimacy and trust and when it stops working it causes stress and unhappiness which spreads to other areas of our lives causing our health and wellbeing to suffer.  Outside influences such as work pressure, family problems, money and health all take their toll and can send a once solid and happy relationship into despair.  Suddenly, the relationship that was once grounded leaves you drained and exhausted.  Prolonged problems over time such as lack of communication, arguments or some kind of event that instantly breaks the trust in the relationship such as an affair can lead the relationship to crisis point.  The couple may be confused, both breaking up and staying together feels wrong, especially if children are involved.

Relationship counselling is a safe, confidential environment, where both partners can be heard and differences acknowledged, with a view to learning skills to manage conflict together in the future.

The Practice also works with individuals who are struggling to get over a failed relationship and couples who have made the decision to separate or divorce and need help separating.  Therapy is not about changing the decision to part but reflection, understanding and acknowledgement can allow you both to move forward.  This is particularly helpful where children are involved.

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