Low Confidence & Self Esteem

Low Confidence and Self Esteem

If you lack either confidence or motivation or have little or no self worth it can affect your ability to live your best life and you’ll always be introspective about the past.  A heightened level of low self worth can lead to depression and self defeating behaviours and relationships, your career and ability to reach your potential will be hindered.  Therapy can help you discover your true worth and can re-redirect your focus and energy in a more positive way.

Your Therapist will give you the vital tools to help develop the confidence you need to achieve your goals in life.  Whether it is personal self confidence you need or may be confidence for job interviews, relationships or performance at work therapy sessions will help you overcome any negative thinking, fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back and give you the inner confidence you need to feel better about yourself and your future.  Sessions will be tailored to meet your specific needs enabling you to move forward with confidence in yourself and your abilities for a more fulfilling and happier life.