Children, Adolescents & Families

Children, Adolescents & Families

Sometimes children and adolescents need extra support if they are finding it difficult to deal with or understand their emotions and/or behaviour. Children and adolescent counselling and psychotherapy can be helpful If you think your child is unhappy or if you are worried about their emotions and/or behaviour at home or school, or if as a parent/s you are struggling in your relationship with your child.

How can counselling and Psychotherapy help Children and Adolescents?

Therapy for children and adolescents at the White Lodge Therapy Practice can help children develop a positive attitude to life, as well as help children recognise their strengths and increase their confidence in expressing themselves. Therapy also helps reduce relational conflict and improve relationships between family members and peers.

Child and adolescent therapy at White Lodge Therapy Practice work with children and adolescents from the ages of 5 -18 by building a relationship through talking, play, or the use of art materials to help children and adolescents express themselves and help them to resolve issues concerning them. A space and time is created for them to think about life, to talk about growing up, about what happens at school with friends, and about what it is like to be them. Our therapists offer a great deal of support for parents and families at times of struggle.


Family counselling and psychotherapy can help you to understand and cope better with the stresses and strains of family life. Families can be a source of support, encouragement and love, but sometimes relationships within families are put under strain and family members feel isolated or overlooked. Family counselling can help when siblings aren’t getting on, or when parents and children are going through a divorce or separation. Forming a new family

is a challenge and it is at this point that many parents experience conflict within the family.

How can family counselling help?

Therapy at White Lodge Therapy Practice can help families by providing a safe place for every member of the family to share how they are feeling. Family therapy can help reduce conflict which means fewer rows at home and can help everyone cope better with their situation. Every family member can expect to have a voice and be heard within family therapy. Family therapy can help everyone to say how they are feeling and then help the family to work out their differences.