About Jula

About Jula

Jula is a fully qualified and experienced Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Counsellor who will help you learn about yourself, overcome your difficulties and grow in confidence. Jula offers a warm, non-judgemental and solution focussed approach to therapy and will support you in a safe, calm and confidential way. Jula is known for her honest, straight talking yet warm and caring style and aims to give you insight into how you are feeling, where the root of the problems lie and support you in discovering how to get the most out of your life and move forward.

Jula’s approach is both professional, personal and intuitive and she will make you feel at ease and safe in every session. Jula is an integrative therapist and whatever is causing your distress, lack of interest in life or relationship difficulties, Jula will tailor her work according to your needs, drawing from a range of different approaches and models of therapy including:-

* Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


* Gestalt Therapy

* Inner Child Therapy

* Hypnotherapy including Regression and Parts Therapy


* Person-Centred Counselling

* Transactional Analysis

Jula strives to assist clients in finding meaningful alternatives to unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving and to become more accepting of yourself and others. Therapy with Jula can be most useful in promoting personal development and unlocking inner potential.

Jula’s background as a Human Resources Director and Board Director gives her a wealth of experience in business. She fully appreciates the challenges and obstacles people face at work and how this can be at the heart of stress, poor health and relationship breakdowns. Jula will help you develop your self confidence, get a better work/life balance and support you in realising and achieving your true potential.

Jula is a highly experienced therapist specialising in anxiety/panic attacks, relationship issues, career development, weight management (including eating disorders) and helping people who wish to develop self-confidence. She also treats people who are suffering from grief and loss, have stress or anger issues, those suffering from insomnia and people who wish to be free of fears, phobias or unwanted habits. She specialises in couple’s counselling, hypnotherapy and solution focussed therapies, including gut specific hypnotherapy for the treatment of IBS and EMDR for the treatment of PTSD.  Jula has been awarded a Diploma in Couple’s Counselling.

Jula is registered with the Hypnotherapy Society, The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and The National Counselling Society. She adheres to the Codes of Ethical Standards and Conduct stipulated by these professional bodies and undertakes regular supervision and continuous professional development,

Please do not hesitate to contact Jula to have an exploratory chat about how therapy can help you.


Jula Lewsey

Dip Hyp, LHS, GHR (Reg), Dip CP, MNCS (Acc.)
Registered Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Counsellor